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Guide and guard series

Water-crossing cooling sys

Radiant tube

Seamless steel pipe guide

Bimetallic wear-resistant

Wide-Thick-Plate roller li

Babbit metal bearing bush

Metallurgical fitting seri

Sintering system

Coking system

Ironmaking , steelmaking s

Continuous casting and rol

Heating furnace system

Electric power series

Water pump series

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Quality policy of full participation, full process control, and customer satisfaction to ensure product inspection in each process

Strong technical force

We have an excellent technical research and development team, including senior engineers, engineers, assistant engineers, senior technicians and technicians.

The technical talent structure covers metallurgical engineering, mechanical design, thermal engineering, materials, chemical analysis, computer and other majors.

Long-term continuous development of production, research and research activities with various research institutions and institutions of higher learning

Strong manufacturing

Jiangsu Shuanglian Metallurgy has more than 30 sets of production, inspection and testing equipment, including: large horizontal and vertical machining centers, precision gantry milling machines, horizontal boring and milling machines, large tonnage hydraulic machines, special deep hole drilling machines, large tonnage melting and casting production lines. And plastic processing lines, etc.

Dozens of inspection and testing equipment, including metal analyzers, oxygen analyzers, electronic universal material testing machines and other advanced equipment at home and abroad, can accurately analyze the element content and mechanical properties of the material, for the design of the product, Provide scientific basis for production and application.

After sales service advantage

Jiangsu Shuanglian Metallurgy always takes the service tenet of customer first, customer satisfaction and good reputation.

Free technical advice and technical training for customers, free from worries

For special problems that are outstanding to our customers, we will arrange professional service technicians and necessary spare parts to provide on-site service. The service personnel arrived at the scene within 3 hours, within 300 kilometers, within 8 hours after receiving the power contact, and within 48 hours in a remote area.

Provides technical consultation and technical training to customers free of charge!

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As the high-tech enterprise of Jiangsu Province, Jiangsu Shuanglian Metallurgical Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is a professional entity specializing in the designing, manufacturing and installation of metallurgical equipments. Over 20 years’ hard working on technical accumulation and processing innovation, we now have become a state-run medium-scale enterprise with good reputation and great influence in the supporting field of metallurgical industry and power industry.

There are 312 employees in our company now, including 52 technicians with medium titles and 5 senior engineers. Moreover, we have more than 200 sets of hi-tech, precise and leading processing apparatus; under the supports of national-leading thermal processing...

More than 20 years of technology accumulation and process innovation

Manage production according to ISO9001 international quality system standards

we have owned more than 200 customers such as Baosteel etc;


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